Welcome to Carolina Canine Connection! We’re glad you’re here!

We believe that Every Dog IS a Good Dog!
With this mindset, we are able to overcome obstacles in training even the most difficult issues in every breed and type of dog. We complete training using Force Free methods!

We also believe training should be affordable and accessible, so we do everything in our power to keep prices low and provide the most training for your dollar! You won’t need to buy any fancy harness, e-collar or special prong collar for your dog during our classes!
Not only does Positive Training help your dog learn better, but there are no hidden costs!
Our most popular training option, Basic Obedience Group classes, are only $75 for 8 weeks of Training

You’ve likely found us in your search to help your dog become the best he can be! We believe that All Dogs can be Good Dogs! If you already have a Good Dog, we also offer high level obedience courses, activity courses and trick training!

If your dog needs to learn some Basic Manners, START HERE